Feminized seeds


It is one of the most powerful, and the most sativa of all the cannabis seeds in the catalog. Moby Dick has a THC concentration of up to 21% and presence of THCV, a from compound sativa equatorial and occurs in response to ultraviolet rays, which potentiates of THC to the extreme that with 2 or 3 hits, the effect is already powerful.

Quantity: 10 seeds/pack

Price: 34.90$

The low concentration of CBD in these marijuana plants helps the effect, in addition to being cerebral and psychoactively intense, is very long-lasting; it produces physical and mental acceleration, and the descent is long, slightly physical, and remarkable. It produces a lot of appetite, and dries the mouth in an extreme way, so it is recommended to eat and drink well to counteract its effects. For that same reason, increased appetite is very suitable for treating the side effects of chemotherapy, or for anorexia.

There are two phenotypes in this marijuana plant, a dominant one that tends to sativa, with 65% of the plants, and the rest tending to be faster and smaller. In the sativa pheno, the aroma of wood and pine dominates with notes of incense, and in the indica pheno it is sweeter and less sativa.

So that Moby Dick is fully developed, you have to give it plenty of light, up to 800 watts per square meter, and a very high EC, between 1.50 and 2.00 EC, as it eats more than most varieties. It is important to monitor the pH, so that it does not rise above pH 6.5, otherwise it is possible that it will manifest iron deficiency in the form of iron chlorosis, which consists of the progressive yellowing of the interveinal spaces of the upper part of the leaves. , and the wrinkling of the tips of the leaflets. Although this deficiency does not compromise the health of the plant, it can limit the marijuana harvest if it is very severe

Outdoors, full sun, lots of land, lots of water, and abundant space, 3 meters from plant to plant, guarantee trees 3 meters high, and productions of up to 1500 grams in optimal conditions.

Noteworthy is the speed of flowering , 60–70 days indoors, October 15 outdoors, and resistance to mold inherited from sativa. 

Sativa / Indica70/30%
Outdoor HarvestMid october
Flowering Weeks10 weeks approx.
Exterior Heightup to 350 cm

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