It can be grown indoors and outdoors, always providing a great harvest, something that can change depending on the care it receives. 

Quantity: 10 seeds/pack

Price: 63.90$

Indoors, 20h of light will suffice, since we can get a good production of 40g in a few days (70 days from germination). You have to know that the weak point of this variety is its small size and that it has a large production, so it will have to be adequately supported with tutors because its branches would break with the weight and the production would not be as expected. 

Outdoors it is an ideal plant for home balconies due to its small size, it also does not usually exceed 60cm in height and given the abundant production that it will provide us with 70g for each one (approximately 8 weeks after germination), we will be harvesting its fruits. .


  • Sativa / Indica: 50/50% 
  • Height: 0.6-1.2m indoors and outdoors
  • Bank: Genhetik Seeds
  • Type: Kritikal Bilbo autoflowering hybrid
  • Production: 40 gr x plant int. / 70 gr x plant ext.
  • Indoor flowering: 60-70 days
  • Outdoor harvest: 8 weeks

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